This is Early Alpha DEMO Version 0.2 (Build: 21042201)
This demo version may contain bugs and errors, not all gameplay elements are included in this Demo version.

SAGHALA: Heroes of the Last World

"When Heroes of Might and Magic meets Fallout"


Story of Saghala

Earth is now called Saghala. 60 years earlier, an nuclear war decimated humanity. Chaos ensued... 4 facitons fight for control of Saghala and The Core... Will you be the last hero of Saghala? All with a little bit of black humor :)

As a hero, you have to overcome all challenges (and there will be many of them!) and complete the main goal of the game - find and repair the world's last underground fusion reactor The Core. The road to the goal is strewn with many adversities and difficult choices. Your adventure will start in a tiny settlement somewhere in Saghala. You have to explore the continent (or rather what's left of it...), expand your own settlement, prepare your armies to fight enemies who are also looking for a reactor.

You will encounter many other settlements, explore the ruins and undergrounds of Saghala, develop your own settlement, produce resources, craft NEW BATTLE CARDS, obtain additional equipment and artifacts, visit merchants and other in-game NPC's, complete so many side quests, fight enemies and develop your own hero! All with a little bit of black humor ;)

  • 4 factions (Brotherhood of Atom, Flaming Skull, Worshipers and Mutants)
  • 4 bioms (Underground, Deadly Plants, Wasteland and Greenlands)
  • You will be able to explore inside of buildings/shelters!
  • Manage your settlement - you will be able to upgrade buildings and build new ones.
  • Collection and production - in the game you will manage 5 main resources: Coins, Food, Wood, Steel and Scrap.
  • CRAFT NEW COMBAT CARDS for your Hero!
  • Random characters, settlers, traders, bandits and more.
  • Upgrades, weapons and items to find during your adventure.
  • NPCs in the game may have a lot of side missions for you to complete... with someblack humor ;)
  • Once a week your settlement may be attacked by the bandits from a Clan of Nomads.
  • The day and night system and the passing weeks.
  • Combat is built like a card game!
  • And more!

SAGHALA: Heroes of the Last World

Meet the game... but this is not all!



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Press kit for Dark Minute

PRESS KIT (04/21/22)


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